Stake US Casino All Inclusive Review 2024

Jan 4, 2024

“Casino games are the one kind of content that has stood the test of time for decades.” – Brock Pierce

Casino games have been played by Americans for millions. It shall be a wonder to you that Las Vegas, which was considered a home of casino gambling, is just ranked third after Disney World and New York when it comes to tourism. 

In today’s digital life, you must be discovering some online casino platforms to have your hands on some interesting games and win attractive rewards. So if you are trying to explore something similar to Pulsz Casino or NolimitCoins Casino, then you should try another online casino site, Stake Us.

Just start reading this article to understand the background of Stake US, its features, the process of registration, and much more related to it.

Get a Sight of Stake US


A sweepstake-based online casino, Stake.US was launched in 2022 and is owned and managed by Sweepstakes Limited.

Incorporated with multiple selections of games and an exciting forum, this online casino is attracting users at such a quick rate that the day is not far when Stake.US will be counted as one of the best online sweepstakes casinos in the online market.

Another thing worth knowing is that Stake.US follows a crypto-only banking approach, and that’s the sole reason why Stake remains ahead of its competitors today.

Features of Stake US Casino Platform 

Before I proceed further into the sub-topics, it’s essential to know Stake USA’s features. I have briefly explained some major of them, going through them once will build a strong understanding of yours concerning this casino site, so let’s get started: 

  • Quests: The daily quests and achievements motivate you to earn more coins for which you log in, play some particular games, and spin slots. So, quests act as a daily booster for you to play more.
  • Leaderboard: Using the leaderboard you can check on your rewards and measure your results by comparing them with those of other players. So, the leaderboard indirectly tempts you to compete for exciting prizes.
  • Support: You are entitled to receive friendly customer support 24/7 via live chat and email to solve any sort of issue.
  • Referrals: While referring Stake US online casino to your friends to register through your referral link, you receive the bigger coin bonuses.

                                            A Quick Recap

Where is it accessible?46 except ID, NV, NY, WA
Types of Games Available Slot Games and Table Games
Support Excellent live chat, detailed explanations to queries, email support 
Rating 5/5

Note: shouldn’t be confused with as the latter was launched as a European casino site in 2017 and today is counted as the world’s largest casino of crypto. Remember that this site is not available in the USA.  

What Brought Stake US Casino at the Top of Others?

If you are wondering what sets Stake US casino distinct from others, then the following points will provide you with the right answer to this query: 

  • If you look at the site, then its design is completely different from other online casino sites in the USA, however by this, I mean it in a good sense.

The layout structure is neat and clear which helps you to follow other users and players of advanced experience without feeling any ambiguity.

  • The content is loaded relatively fast as compared to other sites and it gives rise to zero lagging, seem exciting? It should be. 
  • Talking about the website’s background, it’s black and gray, which implies you can differentiate the colors of the game easily as they stand out appropriately. 
  • If you are curious to know about its core features and performance, then I must say that the site works excellently, you won’t be disappointed in this context.

So, whenever you choose to play any online casino game, you will discover that no other platform provides you with the quick access and easy-to-use functionalities that provides. Having said that, I hope that you have understood why Stake USA stands differently from others.  

Let’s Explore the Types of Games on Stakes.USA 

Types of Stakes.USA games

Similar to any other online casino games like Wow Vegas and Fortune Coin Casino, users at StakeUS also get access to all the original games available on-site.

So, as soon as you register yourself on the US Stake website, you will come across multiple games including slots, table games, and scratch-off card games.

There exist more than 300 games on the Stake US site thereby providing users several options to choose any of the games they want to play.

I have explained some major categories of games below for your better understanding, simply go through each of them:

  • Casino Online Slots: You are supposed to click on the slot game section of StakeUS to access any of the 300+ slot games.

What makes this category most preferable over others is the availability of numerous themes and different types, such as fruits, mining, buffalo, Egyptian, fantasy, and much more.

All I want to say is that Stake US offers something for every individual user following this way. Pragmatic Play and Hacksaw Gaming are two prominent examples.

  • Table Games: This particular section of games is relatively smaller than other genres on the Stakes USA site.

Having said so, you can discover only a handful of table games, by saying that I mean less than even a hundred. Some popular examples include all types of Classic table games, along with poker options.

Refer to the below-mentioned Table games in this context:

  1. Blackjack
  2. Video Poker
  3. Baccarat
  4. Roulette
  5. HiLo
  6. Dice
  • Live Dealer Games: As of now, you won’t find any Live Dealer games on the Stakes USA site. All you will come across are the games falling under the two categories only which I explained above, i.e., feature slots and table games. 

How Can You Register on “Stake. US”?

Registering at is a child’s play indeed. To sign up on Stake, you have two options, i.e., either to provide your details manually or use any of your Google, Twitter, or Twitch accounts.

Irrespective of the way you follow, the whole process won’t take more than two minutes.

  • In the context of personal details, it will ask you to fill in your:
  1. Name
  2. Username
  3. Password
  4. Date of Birth
  5. State

Note: There will be a space too wherein you can mention the bonus code. You can use this code to unlock some offers to include some new members in the game. 

  • After giving your final confirmation about the authenticity of the details filled up, simply click on the “signup button” and that’s it, your account is created.
  • As a final step, you are just supposed to verify your identity. For this, you can send the stake us casino officials a snap of your original (not photocopied) ID document.

Lastly, all you need is to follow a set of instructions and you will seek no trouble while finalizing your registration. 

Wait! Is There Any Stakes US App?

It’s quite disappointing to know that there doesn’t exist any Stake US mobile app as of now. It means that using your phone/tablet, you can access the StakeUS through the web browser only, and it’s the only compromise that has to be followed whenever you want to access the Stake US casino via phone.

While accessing the site through your phone, you can come across all the games in a streamlined format. All of them will appear in different categories such as slots, table games, new releases, and Stake originals.

However, you can get the games loaded in very little time through mobile also. Besides, you can check your account details, the pending balance, and any promotions for you. Lastly, you can use the support and chat options too.

Sharing My Stakes.USA Site Experience

I accessed the Stake US online casino platform using my laptop and therefore, I want to share my personal experience in this context with you so that you remain at an extra edge whenever you choose to play us Stake games through your PC or laptop. All you need is to refer to the following points in this respect:

  • You have to look at all the titles and subtitles on the home page and then filter out the games that you want to play depending on the specific categories.
  • While moving towards the right side of the page, you will find the chat feature clicking on which will let you talk to other players while playing the game.
  • On the other hand, when you come to the left corner of the page, you will discover multiple options such as promotions, recent games, challenges, and any other type of detail.
  • Coming to the bottom right of the corner you will find the chat bubble feature, which you can use anytime for assistance from customer support.
  • Talking about the account details, you can find them in the head section of the home page. From here you can check your account balance and even buy gold coin packages here.

Pros and Cons of Stakes USA

We have reached the second last part of today’s article and I assume that by now, you have acquired much about the Stake USA casino website. Therefore, this is the right time to discuss its pros and cons. 

All you need is to refer to the points in this regard as I mentioned below: 


  • You get an exclusive bonus such as $25 SC, 250000 GC, and many more, to name only a few.
  • Opportunity to win a daily log-in bonus of gold coins.
  • Players can challenge themselves to earn coins and Stake cash.
  • Option to redeem Stake cash cryptocurrency rewards. 
  • Efficient customer support is available in real time.


  • A player residing in any of the cities of Washington, Idaho, New York, Nevada, or Kentucky is not eligible to participate.
  • Rewards can be redeemed in the form of cryptocurrency only.
  • Additionally, deposits also have to be in the form of crypto only.
  • There is no mobile app, hence it’s mainly PC or laptop-focused. 
  • The telephone support option is absent in the customer chat feature.

Stakes.USA: Explore, Play, and Win Exciting Rewards

Stake US has proved to be of extremely useful innovation in online casinos, you can explore, play, and win as many rewards as you can.  

The trend of playing online casinos has brought a new mode of playing, thereby overcoming geographical barriers. Leaving the conventional way of playing casinos, embracing this game through digital platforms has increased its user base tremendously.

Apart from surpassing the barrier of national or international boundaries, online casinos also brought the focus on real-time interaction with several dealers in the real casino atmosphere. 


Ans: The online platform provides a diversified collection of sweepstakes casino games in the USA that stand at the top over others in terms of quality. Users get quick support and get promoted on time which makes the game a complete fun.

Ans: No, these coins are provided in games as a form of reward, thus, these are a type of digital currency that is usable at Stake. Us to play its standard games only, nothing more than that.

Ans: It’s legal in almost all the cities of the USA except Washington, New York, Nevada, Idaho, and Kentucky.

Ans: As far as the current regulations of the site are concerned, Stake US casino is considered safe and secure to be used by currency players.

Ans: At times, there occurs a mismatch between the information on the database and what you fill in, thus the system asks you to submit additional information, i.e., a photo of a government-issued ID.