Fortune Coins Casino Review 2024 | How to Get Free Coins?

Jan 4, 2024

Everyone loves casinos. With a dedicated skill-based approach, there is literally no upper limit to your profit here. Nowadays, online casino websites are very popular, and recently, just after the pandemic, the number of people who want to spend their money in online casinos skyrocketed.

With the dramatic growth of the online gaming industry, one name remains constant among all casino lovers: Fortune Coins!         

Fortune Coins Homepage

There is no doubt that online casino sites like Fortune Coins hold tremendous potential, and they might shine one’s Fortune if used efficiently. In this article, we covered everything you need to know about fortune coins, including the login procedure.

So be ready to explore the immense scope of Fortune Coins!

What are Fortune Coins?

Fortune Coins are like chips, as they are called virtual poker currency. They are the currency at Basically, they are digital chips! You can use Fortune Coins to play different games on the website.

Fortune Coins Homepage1 is an online casino website based on a sweepstakes model. It can be easily accessed in the United States and Canada. On this website, one can play almost all casino games, with some unique ranking systems that make the game more interesting for players. 

  • There are some video slots and card games in which players can redeem free rewards. 
  • In order to maintain the privacy of the users, all the transactions are held in bitcoins. 
  • They have some jackpot games like Spin the Wheel, where users could gain extra fortune coins. 

Even though Fortune Coins is online, a strategy is required to master this game. For a casino game like poker, a strategy is a game changer. All you need is a step-by-step guide to master poker on online gaming websites like

Fortune Coins is perhaps the best online casino site ever!

How Do I Create An Account on Fortune Coins?

Don’t worry, pal! We will guide you through the Fortune Coins casino login. Just like any other website, creating an account on would not be a difficult task. All you have to do is follow the given steps, and your account will be ready in just a few minutes. 

 How to Sign Up on Fortune Coins?

  1. Visit
    Fortune Coins Homepage2
  1. Click on the Sign-Up Button in the Top Right Corner.
    Fortune Coins Sign Up Window
  1. After filling in the Details, Click on Create An Account.
    Fortune Coins Account Confirmation
  1. Now Check Your Registered Gmail, and Click on Verify Email
    Fortune Coins Account Confirmation1
  1. Now Enter Your Phone Number and Click on Request Verification Code
    Fortune Coins Account Confirmation2

Congratulations! You have successfully created your account on

Fortune Casino login is the next step after signing up, which can be done by just entering your Gmail and password.                                                               

Fortune Coins Login Page

As soon as you create your account, you’ll receive 360,000 Gold Coins and 1,000 Fortune Coins as a sign-up bonus!

Fortune Coins Sign Up Bonus

Now keep in mind that Gold Coins and Fortune Coins are not the same.

Here is the difference between Gold Coins and Fortune coins:

  • Gold Coins are free to play, so they can’t be redeemed.
  • Fortune Coins are the main currency on, and real money can be redeemed in their exchange.

For each 100 FC, 1 dollar can be redeemed. But all Coins must be used once before withdrawal.

Pros and Cons of Fortune Coins?

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of future coins:

                              PROS                                  CONS
Sign Up Bonus is AvailableNot Available on Android and IOS
Available in the US and CanadaLimited Games Available
Can Play Exclusive GamesNo Blackjack Games Available
Play and Win Real RewardsTransactions Are Only in BTC
Customer Support Available Mobile Website is Not Fluid

Types of Game Modes

There are two modes of gaming on this website; the first can be played with Gold coins, while the other can be played with Fortune Games.

  • Gold Coins Standard Mode

You can play with gold coins in this mode, with no risk of losing Fortune Coins. This game mode is completely free, and you’ll get additional gold coins after winning the game.

Gold Coins Standard Mode
  • Only Slot Games are Available in This Mode.
  • Fortune Coins Premium Mode

It’s a real game with real money! In this mode, you play with FC, which can be purchased with actual money. You can use FC to redeem real money from the website.

all games
  • All Games are Available in this Mode (Including Fish and Table Games)

5 Most Played Games in

Here’s a list of the top 5 most played games on Fortunecoins:

Lucky Panda

Lucky Panda Game on Fortunecoin

Let the panda bring good fortune to you! There are 25 pay lines on the 5×3 Lucky Panda slot machine at the Fortune Coins sweepstakes casino.

Farm Treasure

Farm Treasure Game on Fortunecoins

Are you ready to farm? The well-liked 5×3 slot machine with 15 pay lines, Farm Treasure, is exclusive to the Fortune Coins sweepstakes platform.

Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza on Fortunecoins com

Love fantasizing about pyramids? Under the scorching Egyptian sun, you go on an adventure with the 5×3 layout and 30 paylines. The reels feature iconic historical symbols such as the Eye of Ra, the mask of Tutankhamen, the Sphynx cat, and the falcon.

777 Hotline

777 Hotline on Fortunecoinscom

A classic casino game! It is a traditional one-line slot machine without intricate extra features or free spins. It has just three reels and one payline, which is where the winning combinations are supposed to appear.

Genie’s Lamp

777 on Fortune

Want to make a wish? The Genie’s Lamp slot machine is among the most well-liked and possibly the greatest games in the Fortune Coins casino collection. It is played on a standard 5×3 grid and is based on the well-known animated film Aladdin.

Payment Methods Used For Fortune Coins

Good News! Just like offline casinos, On, you can also use different payment methods. You don’t have to worry about your privacy, as the payment gateways are secure and trusted by experts! 

You can directly purchase the FC from their official site, and they accept different payment methods.

Future Coins Store At Fortunecoins

Here’s a list of all accepted payment gateways for

  • Bank Transfer
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • American Transfer
  • ACH Bank Transfer
  • Visa

Fortune Coins Payouts

Here comes the good part: As you know, Fortune Coins can be used to redeem actual money, but there is also a minimum payout.

  • That’s 50 Fortune Coins! You need at least 50 Fortune Coins to redeem actual cash from
  • 100 Fortune Coins are equivalent to 1 dollar; if you have skills, you can earn a lot of money from this game.

Fortune Coins Troubleshooting

This is a common problem faced by Fortune Coin players. As this website is only available in the USA and Canada, one may need to take some measures for a smooth money withdrawal. Luckily you can solve this problem by enabling geolocation on your device.

Using a Geolocation Software

Using Geolocation Software is one of the best ways to solve this problem. By using geolocation software, you can smoothly withdraw your money from

Even without using software, you can enable in-built geolocation on your device. All you have to do is turn on geolocation on your device. 

Since geolocation isn’t flawless, some people may appear to be in a different state. So if you are close to the border, this issue could occur. 

You might only run into these concerns if you live in a nearby state because FC is only available to players in a small portion of the United States and Canada.

  • Users in Oregon or Idaho may have problems with geolocation. 
  • Users in Canada near the Washington State border can also run into issues.

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Ans: Yes! They have very satisfactory and active customer support, which increases the website’s credibility. On their official website, you can directly contact their customer support.


Ans: In the USA, is operated by Social Gaming LLC and is completely legal. In Canada, Social Gaming Ltd. is the operating body for FC.


Ans: At the time of sign-up, you’ll get 360,000 Gold Coins and 1,000 Fortune Coins as a sign-up bonus! But you have to play at least one game with all your Fortune Coins, so you can’t directly withdraw the sign-up bonus for actual money.

Ans: Fortune Coins keeps itself updated, so you can easily get some promo codes on its website. By using them, you can enjoy a deposit bonus.