All You Need to Know About Angle Shooting in Poker

Jul 28, 2023

angle shoot poker

The world of poker may be built upon a set of simple rules, but this doesn’t mean it is a safe place where nothing bad happens. In a game where players are hoping to win against other players, it is possible that some players may use tactics like Angle Shoot to win against their opponents.

Angle Shooting is an unethical practice that goes against the ethics of the game and gives an unfair advantage to the players, putting the others at a disadvantage.

If you are interested in becoming a pro poker player, you should know what an Angle Shoot is and see how this can affect your game and your chances of winning. For those new to poker, you should definitely take some time out to understand what Angle Shooting poker means, as this directly affects inexperienced players. 

Now, if you are ready to learn, make sure to read through the whole guide, as we have mentioned everything you need to know about Angle Shoot in Poker.

What is an Angle Shoot in Poker?

Angle Shooting Poker is the practice of using deceptive methods and unethical tactics to gain the upper hand in a game of poker. Angle Shooting mostly affects inexperienced players who don’t know the full mechanics of the game.

Angle Shooting in poker is done to give the player an advantage over other players. This can be done by:

  • Influencing the actions or the next move of opponents.
  • Deceiving the opponents into believing the wrong strength of the player’s hand.
  • Gaining information about the opponent’s hand.

All these are done by fooling the other players through unethical tactics. A lot of times, players end up breaking the rules of the game to benefit themselves and not following the proper etiquette of poker. 

With Poker Angle Shooting, any player can manipulate the table into their trap and win. Whether you are playing Strip Poker or hoping to win money, someone could be angle shooting you, that’s why you should be aware of it.

Is Angle Shooting Legal?

Despite being a form of cheating, Angle Shoot manages to stay above the rules of poker and is not considered illegal, but this doesn’t mean it is okay to do that. With Angle Shooting, poker players end up taking advantage of the unwritten rules of the game and breaking them. While this gives them an advantage, they can still be called out by other players and get kicked out of the game. Angle Shooting is highly discouraged in the world of poker, and any player that is caught doing that is sure to get into a lot of trouble.

Whether Angle Shooting is legal or not depends on where you’re currently at. Most casinos have set House Rules for protecting the players; this includes banning Angle Shooting as well, but not all casinos will be able to protect you against Angle Shoot. That’s why you should know the types of Angle Shooting in poker so you can protect yourself when the time comes. 

Types of Angle Shooting in Poker?

angle shooting poker

Go through the list below to know about the Angle Shooting tactics players use to gain an advantage over other players.

  • String Betting

    String Betting is when the player makes multiple bets in a single game. With String Betting, the player can first make a small bet and then make bigger bets according to the behavior of other players and the information they have on them.

  • Hiding Big Chips

    Poker requires its players to put all their chips on the table for other players to see, as this allows everyone to see the stack size of their opponents. By Hiding Big Chips, anyone can fool the competition. Usually, the high-value chips are supposed to be at the front of the stack, but the opposite can also be done to fool everyone at the table.

  • The Fake Misclick

    A Fake Misclick happens when someone says the wrong amount and makes a bet that is higher than what they originally intended. By doing a Fake Misclick, anyone can deceive their competition into making bigger bets and then backing out at the last moment.

  • The Fake Folding (Pump Fake)

    Fake Folding allows the user to deceive everyone at the poker table into thinking they are about to fold. This allows the player to see the reactions of everyone at the table and get information on them. 

    Fake Folding, also known as Pump Fake, is a pretty common Angle Shoot method. You will often see people doing fake folds and hoping to see how everyone reacts to their move, so keep an open eye and make sure not to react to any Pump Fakes. 

  • Mis-disclosing

    Mis-disclosing happens when the player deceives other people at the table by claiming to have a bigger hand and gets their opponents to muck/fold their cards by mis-disclosing their hand at the showdown. People often do this to scare others away from the table.

    These are some of the most common Angle Shooting methods in poker. Next, we have given some Angle Shooting poker examples; going through them; you will surely have a better understanding of it.

Is Angle Shooting Possible in Online Poker? (Angle Shoot in Online Poker)

online poker

An advantage online poker has over live poker is that it is way safer and more controlled. With all online servers and apps designed to battle cheating, it is highly unlikely for any player to cheat in online poker. Despite all this, angle shooting is still possible in online poker, mostly through communication.

A lot of people often give out false information in the chat in order to deceive other players, and since there is no dealer or manager, different people end up taking the bait and losing their game.

What to do When a Player Tries to Angle Shoot You?

poker angle shooting

Angle Shooting in poker is not something that should be tolerated; if you see someone trying to angle shoot you, don’t shy away from taking action.

Your first course of action should be to warn the person, as this can happen out of a mistake. Chances are that the person who is angle shooting you is also a newbie and is doing whatever they can to win the game. If this happens, make sure to explain to them the rules of poker and let them know what they are doing is wrong.

The scenario mentioned above is a possibility, but this won’t be true each time. If you suspect someone of using angle shoot tactics to win the game, you should inform the dealer or the manager, and they will take care of the rest. Another thing you can do is warn the other players at the table and help them in the process.

Final Thoughts

This brings an end to our guide on Angel Shoot in poker. Hopefully, you have learned more about how power works, and now you can handle yourself on the table. Make sure to put what you have learned here to good use, and not just in your memory. The best way to get good at poker is to play poker, so keep on playing without getting scared of other players.

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Ans: No, trash-talking is not a form of angle shooting, but this doesn’t mean trash-talking is welcome at poker tables, as it is considered toxic. 

Ans: There is no specific rule that states the penalty for getting caught practicing poker angle shooting, but since it is not technically illegal, there is not much punishment; this doesn’t mean angle shooting is welcome.

Angle shoot is highly discouraged in the poker community; anyone who gets caught is sure to make things harder for themselves.

Ans: Yes, all casinos are aware of angle-shoot poker tactics and can also detect cheaters at the table.

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