What Is Strip Poker and How to Play It?

Jul 12, 2023

Are you bored with the simple poker chips and want to swap them for something fun? Well, “Strip Poker” is the type of game where the actual fun resides. The next time you are desiring to boost your party with games other than dumb charades, try giving a thought to Strip Poker. As the name itself showcases, the fun is surely going to revolve around clothes and accessories. Yes, it involves taking off clothes when your luck and buff in cards have turned futile. 

There are simple rules, too much fun, and a few important things that are required. Without any further ado, let’s jump to all of the queries and solutions around playing it.

What is Strip Poker?

If you have played poker before, strip poker will be thrilling, but if you are new to the poker world, this game is all goosebumps. Avoiding the boasting part, let me simply explain, “What strip poker is?”

A game with simple gameplay as original poker but an epic and fun rule to remove clothes if you are losing in the game. For example, when the first three cards are drawn, players don’t need to draw chips to ensure their place; instead, they have to take off their clothes and accessories.

This game should not involve buffing and deceiving moves because it is all about fun and hilarious embarrassments.

What Is Required to Play Strip Poker?

Before beginning the game of Strip poker, ensure that you meet these specific requirements.

  • At Least 2-6 players
  • Cards
  • Drinks
  • Chips
  • A sense of humor
  • Curtains
  • Clean clothes

Rules of Strip Poker

Talking about the rules, there are no specific ones in order to play Strip Poker, although the original Poker game does follow some set of rules and principles. In Strip poker, one can make their own rules, following which the game can be played with fun and interest by everyone.

  • Real poker involves chips in case of money, while in some big casinos, this game does involve real money. Strip Poker involves people having fun by removing their clothes, and that’s where clothes become the real prop here. 
  • People with more clothes might be interested here, but the clothes are assigned some chips value earlier only. These chips should be scaled in such a way that the total amount of chips owned by a single player is equal to everyone else’s (ignoring the amount of apparel he/she owns).
  • The rules regarding taking off clothes should be agreed upon by everyone. Plus, there should be a limit up to which it will last, making every player comfortable with the fun.
  • The game can be as challenging as the players decide; for example, when someone folds his cards, he/she has to leave showing their secret tattoos or birth signs.
  • The game can be constructed creatively by players by spicy rules. For example, you can incorporate rules like the loser needs to have a shot or either lose an item. 
  • The clothes once lost by the player cannot be gained until there is a winner in the game. Yes, they have to sit chill and naked, praying for the game to end.

Some Terms Used in Strip Poker

Here are some of the terminologies that are used in Strip Poker. These are in common with the terms used in the original Poker game.

  • Hand: The game initially begins with two cards, which are distributed to the player in the beginning, following which the dealer unlocks the three cards. Together, the player ends up having five cards, which are said to be their hand. In the next round, the dealer flips two more cards from the deck, which results in seven cards. Here,  the player’s best five cards will be called his/her hand.
  • Flop: As discussed earlier, the dealer is asked to take two cards from the deck; the process of showing these cards to the players is called Flop. It simply involves flipping the cards for players to use and making their best hand strategy possible.
  • Fold: During the game, if a player feels that opponents hold stronger hands in cards and fewer opportunities to win, he/she can pull off from the game, and this is known as Fold. This is usually done by players to avoid adding money to the game for the winner, and that’s too a strategic ending.
  • Call: Players are asked to bet their money after consideration of the best hands they have received; if a player raises the same amount as done by the previous one, that amount is called a call. It is called so because the player considers the same chances to win as the other player behind him and still doesn’t hold a stronger will to lose if his strategy is not right.
  • Race: Interestingly, if you as a player consider your hand as the best group of five major cards, you can bet higher than the previous player this ends up showcasing that you have strong chances to win. Well, some players do deceive others by betting big in order to grab the attraction and make others lose too.

These are some of the common terms that are used in poker. You can also use them in Strip Poker, but it is not mandatory as the game promises just fun and no learning.

How to Play Strip Poker in Easy Steps

At the beginning itself, if players are not familiar with this game, try to go through an easy set of rules. Below are listed the steps required to begin the strip poker game.

  • First, it is essential to give a chip value to all of the player’s clothing. The one with less clothing should be assigned a big chip value to ensure they have an equal amount of chips.
  • Shuffle the deck. Ensure that cards are made rough before distribution.
  • Every person should be handed 2 cards in the beginning. This distribution is done specifically by a dealer, but a player can do it too.
  • The next step is communal cards, with three cards drawn by the dealer from the deck in between. These cards can be used by everyone. Before beginning from here, players can burn their two cards or replace them (from the deck) if they consider those cards less powerful. The new cards are chosen from the deck without looking at them.
  • Now, the three communal cards between are shown by the dealer; the person with no chances to win, i.e., no best hand quality, will have to lose his chips.  
  • This whole game repeats itself until there’s just one love/player left at the end.

These were some of the rules regarding Strip Poker; following them with fun and gaiety, and ensuring laughter and a chill environment, can surely help in enjoying this game.

Poker Hand Ranking Chart

The hands of the five best cards are strong in their own ways. Here is a list of hand-ranked poker cards in ascending order. This order clarifies which group of five cards is most powerful. This will surely help the player build a strong hand of cards after learning the ranking chart clearly.

  • High Card: Might be the case that you are only strong with a single card, i.e., ace, which can help you win the entire game when no one else has a strong hand. So among five cards, you hold only one high card therefore, that’s a high card in poker hand ranking.
  • Pair: If in your hand you have the same number of cards, like eight of black diamonds and eight of red diamonds, these are Pair cards stronger than High cards.
  • Double Pair: When a player is awarded two pairs of the same card numbers individually, that is a stronger hand than a pair or high card.
  • Three of a Kind: Here, if you have three similar cards, even if they are from different houses, that’s a stronger “three of a kind” situation.
  • Straight: In this situation, the player gets a series of cards in the best order. For example, ten, nine, eight, seven, and six of different houses.
  • Flush: This is a poker ranking card where the hand of five cards contains the straight cards from the same house.
  • Full House: Here both three-of-a-kind and pair situation exists. For example, a player has three ace cards of different houses and a pair of three number cards.
  • Four of a Kind: In this situation, the four cards are of the same number but different houses. This is more powerful than the above-discussed card scenarios.
  • Straight Flush: When five cards in a hand are straight but of the same house, then a straight flush is constructed. This is a strong hand of cards.
  • Royal Flush: A hand is considered a royal flush when cards are performed from the beginning Ace to number 10. Five cards that are straight and of the same deck.

Above are the poker ranking cards in ascending order.

Example of a Strip Poker Game

Here is an example to help you understand the strip poker game easily.

  • First, in a group of five players, chip value is assigned to the clothes and accessories. In the end, everyone has an equal amount of chips value to bet.
  • Now, two cards are drawn for each player.
  • The dealer brings three community cards in mid, which are not flipped at the start.
  • Players are allowed to change their cards before watching the community cards if they consider the cards are not scoring.
  • Now, the community cards are drawn, and players watch their best five hands.
  • A showdown is held, with everyone showing their cards. The one with the worst hand is asked to strip.
  • Players who have lost their clothing will have to wait until the next game starts.

This was a simple and helpful example illustrating the Strip Poker game. 

With Whom Should You Play Strip Poker?

This game can be easily played by everyone, but think before you construct a group. It shouldn’t be family of course, but friends who are family. As the game involves taking off clothes, players should be comfortable with each other. You can also join a group full of strangers, but only if you are okay with it. It is impressive to ensure liveliness across the room or in the environment, to have the best nights or evenings you have ever imagined. 

How to Maximize Strip Poker Experience

The game needs to be fair throughout, whether it’s related to cards shuffled, chips assigned, or clothes drawn off. To maximize your experience, follow the guidelines below.

  • Be Creative: You can spice up things by adding rules like drinking a shot or spelling a secret if a player loses. This game can turn into an exciting ride if fun rules and adventurous turns are created.
  • Be Inclusive: If the players are new to this game, ensure that they are not felt left out. Make the rules simple and understandable to all. New players can also get new extra clothing as chips to make the game less competitive.
  • Do Not Act As A Creep: Avoid staring at people who have stripped to maintain a healthy decorum throughout. 

These are some of the ways in which you can elevate the Strip Poker experience.

Closing Thoughts

It is interesting how Poker has been constructed with such interesting rules to enjoy. From gaining money to having fun, this game can be a real pastime. Strip poker is the best alternative version of poker because it involves stripping instead of using chips or money. Truly, this can be the best game among friends at a night party and a fun way to celebrate togetherness. Constructing your own rules and following them accordingly is the real joy of this game.

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