What is a 3-Bet in Poker? How to Make a 3-Bet in Poker?

Aug 8, 2023

3 bet in poker

The 3-bet is an advanced poker technique that can yield great results for you. A 3-bet is not a disgraceful move like angle shooting or slow rolling, but an aggressive one that can shake up the poker table. If you really want to become great at this game and dominate your opponents at the same time, you need a good 3-betting strategy on your side. 

Just knowing what a 3-bet in poker is is not enough, as there are different aspects to this bet. You need to know how the game works, how to use this bet, and when to use it and when to not. Lucky for you, I have written all that below. 

If you are curious to know the 3-bet poker meaning and everything else you need to know, read through the information below, and you’ll become an expert in 3-betting.

What Does 3-Bet Mean in Poker?

what is a 3 bet in poker

So what is 3-betting? A 3-bet refers to making another raise when a player makes a raise on your bet. 

This bet refers to the third bet made in a poker sequence. 3-betting is considered to be an aggressive move as it increases the stake of the game and greatly affects the game.

A 3-bet helps a player gain control of the game and also increases the amount of pot.

Most 3 bets are made by players with strong hands, but in a lot of cases, these bets are bluffs made to trick the other players into folding. 

To fully understand 3-betting you need to know the difference between value 3-bets and 3-bets that are bluffs. 

Value 3-Bets and 3-Bets as Bluff

3 bet as bluff

Given how effective a 3-bet is, it is one of the best moves anyone can make on the poker table. In total, these bets are used in two ways, and these are value 3-bets and 3-bets that are bluffs. 

  • A player making a 3-bet after receiving a really good hand is called a value 3 bet. This is done to maximize the amount they can win. Players only do this when they are certain they will win.
  • Poker players can also make a 3-bet even if they don’t have a good hand. This is done as a bluff move and to fool the players at the table into folding the game. Since 3-betting is an aggressive poker move, it does well to intimidate the people at the table. When done the right way, it can make the whole table fold their game and admit defeat.

These are the two uses of 3-bets in poker. While this move offers benefits, attempting it can backfire on you, especially when you’re bluffing, that’s why you should only bluff with a 3-bet when you are certain it will work.

Now you may be thinking, why do people bluff using a 3 bet move when they don’t have a hand strong enough to back up their claim? To know the answer to this question, read the next section.

Benefits of 3-Betting in Poker

3-bets is more than just a bluff that intimidates the players at the table, it offers a wide range of benefits that makes people incorporate this move into their strategy. Here are the benefits of a 3-bet in poker:-

  • Increasing Pot Value: By making a 3-bet, a player can increase the pot value and maximize their winnings from the game. Receiving a strong hand, feel free to make another bet after a player has made a raise.
  • Controlling The Game: Nothing affects a poker game more than an extra raise before the pot. Any player can take the initiative and take control of the game’s direction with this bet. If you want to make your game more interesting, don’t shy away from taking charge with a 3 bet.
  • Removing Competition: A 3-bet raises the stakes of the game to the point where most players would rather fold than play anymore. Seeing you make a 3-bet will surely make all the players with a weak hand fold; this will remove the competition and increase your chances of winning.
  • Putting The Pressure on Opponents: 3-betTING is more of a psychological move than anything else. Most poker players aren’t expecting anyone to make a 3-bet, and they aren’t prepared for it. If you really want to put pressure on your opponents, make a 3-bet, as it is the way to go.

Now that you know the advantages of making a 3-bet in poker, you should know how to make a 3-bet as well.

How to Make a 3-Bet?

how to make a 3-bet

Making a 3-bet is pretty simple, as you just have to make another raise after a player has made one. While this is simple, there is more to it than meets the eye, as you still need to make an understanding of the poker rules and, most importantly, know the atmosphere of the poker table.

Following a simple set of instructions will allow you to make the right moves and use 3-betting properly. Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow:

  • Assess The Game: By far, the most important step when 3-betting is to assess the situation and see if it will yield positive results or not. To do this perfectly, you need to know how the poker game works; knowing how to deal in poker is something that will highly benefit you while 3-betting, so you might as well learn that. 
  • Choose Your Cards: Now, you should choose the cards for your hand. The hand you choose will determine if you will win or lose, so make sure to do this step right, or someone else will win. Having a king card and other high-ranking cards will increase your chances of winning the handout.
  • Choose The Raise Amount: With your hand ready, you should also choose the amount you will raise. You should only raise the amount that is high enough to put pressure on the other players and low enough that you can lose it without much issue. Poker is a game of chance and probability, and you can lose any game, even with the best odds. When making a 3-bet, you end up raising the amount of money you wager in a game; that’s why you should choose the raise amount carefully. 
  • Make The Bet: with everything decided, the next step is to make a bet and let everyone know you are increasing the amount of the pot. Don’t forget; you have to announce that you are 3-betting to the dealer and the players at the table. After announcing the bet, put your chips forward and wait to see how the game will go on. 

Final Thoughts

This concludes our article, and now you know what is a 3-bet in poker. Now that you understand the mechanics behind the 3-bet in poker feel free to experiment around the table and see how it benefits you. 

It goes without saying that a 3-bet can backfire, and you can very well lose the money you’re betting on. That’s why you should take baby steps when it comes to making this bet and take big steps after gaining some experience & confidence. 

Explaining to you know about the 3-bet poker meaning, we wish you luck for your future poker matches; in the meantime, read some of the frequently asked questions we get about 3-betting.

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Ans: You shouldn’t make a 3-bet if you don’t have a strong hand. If you want to make a bluff bet, make sure the people at the table won’t catch your bluff; otherwise, you may lose your money.

Ans: Yes, if a player makes another raise after a 3-bet has been made, it becomes a 4-bet.

Ans: There is no limit to how much you can raise while making a 3-bet, so you can bet as higher as you like.

Ans: Since poker is a game full of deception and tactics, there are always chances that the players at the poker table will catch on to your bluff.