Streaming Meets Betting: The Future of Online Casinos in Switzerland is on the Rise

Feb 26, 2024

“Oh, it’s not really gambling when you never lose.”

  • Jennifer Aniston 

Beyond the classic gaming portal, the directly competing site is recording rapid growth in user numbers in Switzerland. Thanks to the state government, the previously dingy image of online casinos is finally a thing of the past – modern slot machines, live dealer games, and crypto games are now firmly in the mainstream. 

This shift towards digital amusement has democratized access to gaming and introduced a new era of transparency and security, enhancing the overall user experience and trust in virtual platforms. 

Many gambling houses also offer sports bets on games on their platforms. Casino online gambling is a permanent trend and has established itself as part of the entertainment culture. So, this read provides you with valuable background knowledge on the topic of streaming in virtual platforms. 

General Information on Online Betting and the Fabulous World of Online Casinos

The dreary times when virtual platforms and sports betting enjoyed an anarchic existence in the virtual gray areas of the WWW are finally over. All over the world, especially in Switzerland and within the European Union, the wagering markets are regulated – above all to protect players and comply with the protection of minors. 

Provided they comply with local legislation, operators may apply for a so-called gambling license, which allows them to operate online portals for games. 

Licensing covers all the key legal aspects that need to be fulfilled. The aim is to ensure that It is a fair affair in which interested players have real chances of winning. In this context, it is very convenient for the iGaming industry that various streamers present their experiences on various sites with sports betting via free-kick streams. 

The following personalities are currently among the best-known streamers involved in sports betting: 

●      Knossi (Jens Knossalla, Germany) – Known for his energetic streams and love of casino games. Knossi is considered one of the most entertaining and charismatic German gamblers.

●      MontanaBlack (Marcel Eris, Germany) – MontanaBlack is not exclusively known as a gambling streamer, he does have a few streams in which he visits various sites. His main content primarily revolves around lifestyle and gaming.

●      Roshtein (Ishmael Schwartz, Sweden): An internationally renowned Kick Casino streamer who, although not from Germany, has a large German-speaking fan base. He is known for his high stakes and big winnings on the sites. 

However, these three young men are only the spearhead of streamers in the casino sector. Both male and female streamers are present on Kick at all times to guide you through the world of sports betting. 

Rise of online gambling on Twitch 

The Evolution of Casino Streams: From Entertainment to Educational Platforms

Beyond the three aforementioned Knossi, MontanaBlack, and Roshtein, who tend to get carried away and often descend into chaos, it is to be welcomed that many new streamers are taking a more serious approach to casinos and betting. In the early days of streaming, the focus was on the fun part. 

Today, however, it is less about crazy bets and shallow entertainment, with many trying to provide detailed information on how to bet, which side bets are attractive, and how best to predict outcomes. 

They explain complex strategies, discuss odds, and provide in-depth insights into analyzing matches and tournaments. This shift to a more education-oriented approach helps viewers to bet in a more conscious and informed way. 

The educational activities of streamers on and twitch. tv is reflected in numerous tutorials on YouTube. Casino and video platforms only provide superficial information for beginners, a complex “knowledge base” has been established here that can be used to work and learn. 

Newcomers can find out about processes in live casinos, for example, and take their first steps together with the streamers in their videos. 

Did You Know?

In the first two quarters of 2022  Twitch viewers have watched 244 million hours of online gambling streams and it became the  14th most popular streaming category across all live streaming platforms 

We have summarized the evolution of casino streams for you in the following table:

PhaseKey playersContent typeResults and effects
BeginningsFirst casino streamersEntertainment, pure gamingAttention to online casinos, entertainment value increases
GrowthWell-known personalities (e.g. Knossi, MontanaBlack)Entertainment + introduction to the gamesGrowing interest in gambling, viewer loyalty
Education & EnlightenmentStreamer with a focus on knowledge transferEducational content, strategies, game analysisInformed viewers, responsible gaming, community building
Integration of betsStreamers that integrate bettingCombination of casino games and sports bettingExpansion of the offer, viewers get to know different types of bets
Use of social mediaAll streamersInteraction, and community building across platformsStronger bond, direct exchange
Casino Games

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Conclusion: Betting and Casino Games are Undergoing a Positive Image Change

IGaming is positively anchored in the collective perception. Increasing streaming offerings are attracting lively interest in both areas and are generating positive growth for the industry behind them.