Golden Hearts Casino Review 2024: Registration, Bonus, Pros & Cons, and More

Jan 4, 2024

Golden Hearts is an online casino just like Wow Vegas Casino but with a little charitable twist. The Golden Hearts Casino donates funds to charitable organizations, and you can help by playing the games.

They are working for a good cause, but at this stage, questions may arise about whether the app is legit or not. 

In this article, we will review the Golden Heart Casino and bring out every aspect of this app. Read more to know about how the app works, the bonuses, games, and much more.

GHC homepage

What is Golden Hearts Casino? 

Golden Heart Casino was founded in Boston, MA, in 2019 and went live in August 2020. This is a reputable sweepstakes casino that works with charities to improve the world, fully living up to its name. The Givinga Foundation, a U.S. 501 (3) public charity, is responsible for the Casino’s charitable features. 

Not only this, but you can even choose a charity from their list where you wish to give your funds. 

Like any other online casino, Golden Hearts also allows you to play for free. When you make donations, the size of your donation determines how many Golden Hearts (virtual currency) the individual receives. 

The roots of this casino app are quite strong. Also, after trying it personally, the app is legit, and you can play here freely. 

Pros and Cons 

Golden Heart Games is one of the unique kinds of online casinos out there. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of this online casino. 

Supports numerous charities. Limited support options. 
You can choose from a variety of charities to donate to. Limited range of games. 
Payment options include Apple Pay and Google Pay. The process of joining without donation is very lengthy. 
Win real cash and prizes by redeeming the coins you won. 
Daily free bonus.
Fun selection of games. 
Easy to use interface. 

How Does the Golden Hearts Casino Work?

The gameplay at this online casino is quite easy. Follow the two simple steps to begin playing the games right away.

  • The exciting game journey begins with the Golden Hearts casino login or sign-up page.  
    Signup page
  • Create an account on the site and enter your payment details. 
    Creating an accounts

Now, to play the games, you have to purchase the playable coins by making donations to your favorite charity. The coins you win from playing the games can be redeemed for real cash or other prizes. Continue reading to know more about the game.

Golden Heart Casino – Bonus 

Golden Heart Casino, like its competitors such as Enchanted Sweep Casinos, offers a plethora of bonuses to give you free playable coins such as First Purchase Bonus, Welcome Bonus, Refer-a-Friend, promotions, and so on.  

Welcome Bonus 

When you sign up on the Golden Hearts Casino app, you’ll be awarded 1000 playable coins immediately as a welcome bonus to encourage you to play more. 

These coins can be used in any game, including slots, bingo, and table games. The coins you earn from the games can be redeemed for real money after you use them.

First Purchase Bonus / No Deposit Bonus 

When you make your first purchase on the platform, you will receive the Golden Hearts Casino no deposit bonus or First Purchase Bonus as playable coins. 

The amount of the bonus is not set; the more you spend, the more bonus you’ll get. You can even get a 100% bonus on your first purchase, but keep in mind that a large amount reduces the value of the playable coins per unit. 

Standard purchase offers:



The casino sends a weekly bonus to your emails (the same ones used for singing in) in the form of playable coins. You can also get some extra coins by spinning the wheel every day for free. You can earn up to 2,500 playable coins at no cost.     

Refer a Friend 

Refer-a-friend is a very common bonus that is given at many other online casinos, like Pulsz Casino

A person is eligible for this bonus when they refer this site/app to a friend to download or play it, and that person makes their first donation of at least $10. You’ll receive 5,000 playable coins for every friend you recommend, which is equal to $10. 

Popular Golden Hearts Games

Golden Heart games are a matter of discussion since, during our review, we noticed that the Casino has a relatively smaller range of games as compared to other casinos like LuckyLand Casino

There are fewer rooms, but the games run every 10 minutes, making sure that no one has to wait. Let us take a look at some popular games on the platform.

Golden Hearts Bingo 

GHC bingo

Bingo has always been the core Golden Hearts casino online game. The bingo game has the potential to award 5,000 to 125,000 redeemable coins, which are worth $10 to $250. 

In addition, a large Mega Jackpot game with 125,000 redeemable coins is held every night at 10 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time. On other platforms, you can buy the card and come back later to check the status, but in this case, you must be present while playing the game to win. 

Slot Games 

Slot Gamess

The slot is one of the most popular casino games, but since the primary focus of this social casino is Bingo, there are very few games available. There are a total of 10 slot games available at the moment.

The most popular slot games on the platform are Monster Moolah Slots, Cash of Titans Slots, and Old School Slots.

Table Games 


If you are a fan of traditional casino games, then this one is for you. Table games are played using a deck of cards on a table. 

There are not many table games available on the platform right now, but more are on the way. Right now, you can play Jacks, Better Video Poker, and Old School Blackjack, which requires progressive blackjack betting strategies.

Table games can give you up to $2,500, including the prizes and the jackpot. 

How to Purchase Coins on Golden Hearts?

To play any game, you must first donate to your preferred charity to obtain playable coins. The minimum donation you can make is $10, for which you’ll get 5,000 playable coins. 

Refer to the procedure for making the payment – 

  1. Go to the Golden Hearts Casino coin store and check the donation amount for the coins you’ll receive. 
  1. Once you’ve decided on the amount, click on the pay button
  1. Select your preferred payment option, add the details, and complete the process. 
  1. Complete the two-step verification, and enjoy the games with the coins you receive. 

You have many payment options because the casino supports a charitable organization. These payment methods include debit and credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Mobile payment options like Google Pay and Apple Pay are also available with no transaction fee. 

How to Redeem Coins on Golden Hearts Casino?

If you win while playing the games, the prize you receive is in the form of redeemable coins. This means you can exchange these coins for real cash or PrizeOut gift cards. Within 2–10 business days, the funds will be available to you via PayPal, ACH Direct Deposit, or paper check. 

But before redeeming your coins, you must have a verified account to withdraw the funds. You must provide certain personal information, such as your photo ID, proof of residence, and source of wealth, to have a verified account.

We’ve already explained the payment methods, but before choosing one, you should keep in mind that some payment methods require an extra transaction fee. 

Golden Heart Customer Support 

From personal experience, we can say that Golden Heart Casino’s customer service is among the best and most helpful. 

If you have any problems with the site, games, or payments, you can contact customer service and have the problem resolved. There’s also a chat option available where you can chat with the bot and get answers to your questions. However, the live chat option is not available as of now. 

Chat with bot

They are also active on social media, so you can also contact them on SNS platforms like Twitter. 

📨 Email:

📱 Phone: Not available 

🌐 Language: English 


Golden Hearts Gaming is an online casino that contributes to a good cause and supports charities around the world. There’s no doubt about this platform being legit, as they have already distributed funds to over 70,000 NGOs and charities. The only drawback of this casino is the limited gaming options, which could be a criterion for improvement. 

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Ans: Any U.S. resident who is 18 years of age or older is eligible to play and win. The qualifying age for Alabama and Nebraska residents is 19, while Mississippi and Puerto Rico players must be 21 or older. 

Ans: Yes, when you play and win a game, you’ll receive redeemable coins that can be exchanged for cash. The value of one coin is equal to 1/5th of a penny. 

Ans: Sweep coins are the virtual currency that can be used to play games in an online casino.